Through the Lens: Brooke Quinn

Brooke displays both an edge and timeless elegance in this set for Model Management Agency.

IMG_2543_WEB IMG_2567_WEBIMG_2548_WEB IMG_2599_WEB IMG_2602_WEB IMG_2626_WEB IMG_2636_WEB IMG_2646_WEB IMG_2672_nonsquare_WEB IMG_2738_1_WEB IMG_2731_WEB IMG_2730_WEB IMG_2726_WEBIMG_2758_WEB IMG_2760_WEB IMG_2765_WEB IMG_2771_WEB IMG_2831_WEB IMG_2817_WEB IMG_2813_WEB

We were set up with Brooke through MMA/ Model Management Agency and we had a blast working with her.  On makeup and hair for this shoot is Kristen Jorgensen, styled by Christopher String

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