About me:
My name is Christopher String and I am your photographer, by the end of all of this we’ll be more than just two strangers. We’ll be two people connected by hours of creating something new and exciting together!

When not in front of the camera I am always trying out new hobbies and seeking new ways to challenge myself.
One of my latest efforts to give back to the community is a project I’m fond of called, Phillysurfcrew.org, an organization dedicated to promoting stewardship of the environment, passing the love of surfing onto others through teaching, and driving community engagement through outreach and collaboration.

What kind of photography do you do:
While it might sound like a catch-all, I really do enjoy exploring photography in many of its different forms and focuses. From photographing children for acting and modeling headshots to travel photography (new to me!), down to weddings and surf photography there are so many different directions to take and I’m intent on exploring all of them. For those of you with a project that’s kind of out there or unorthodox, I’m always interested in being a part of it! Out of the box assignments pique my interest and provide a challenge that really drives innovation!
Let’s create:
Whether it’s elevated lifestyle and fashion photography, a wedding, or even children’s photography¬†you can depend on myself and my team of second shooters to create images that will travel with you for the rest of your life and generations to come. I pride myself on blending a fashion forward eye with elegance and natural emotion to create imagery that showcases intimacy, personality, and depth.

Join me while we create something new!