On the Road: Roosevelt Island

Not being a native to New York it took me a bit to get myself over to Roosevelt Island from New Jersey for a shoot. On the way I think I rode over every toll bridge the city has to offer!  After paying the great city the appropriate fees to pass the sounds of city life disappear quickly as I pass over the short bridge and spiral down to the water level.  Down here the sounds of city life are replaced with the constant yet quiet sounds of waves lapping against the concrete pylons and the occasional noise of watercraft reaches my ears. A small community with little noise save for the sound of my motorcycle rumbling down the road. Turned off, the quiet is once more, the disturbance a thing of the past, forgotten immediately.

Entrance and Exit Pipes on Roosevelt Island

As I walk around the island it feels like a time capsule; a small bubble protected and hidden from the noise and hustle of the city.  Here is a slice of quiet paradise.

Man in Orange Jacket501 On Roosevelt IslandMan Walking on Roosevelt IslandView from Roosevelt IslandView of the Triborough Bridge from Roosevelt IslandArchitecture in Black and White on Roosevelt Island Triborough Bridge from Roosevelt IslandThrift Shop window on Roosevelt Island

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